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Our website is: https://www.villamilena.gr/

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The website collects information from the communication form.The communication form requires the users to type personal information for further contact.The details that are collected are your first and last name and your email. The information that are collected can be used for contacting the user with information or anything else that might occur. General demographic information is also collected by the reservation system. We use these details to reset the information depict according to our visitors’ preferences


The website uses cookies to monitor our visitors preferences and to be able to create the websites with the best possible way. Cookies are small files, that are placed on your hard drive. This makes the navigation easier as well as the use of a website. Cookies can be used to notify us, if a visit to our website has been done through your computer. Of course, you have the ability to visit our website without using cookies. Most browsers accept cookies automatically. You can prohibit the placement of cookies files on your hard drive by by choosing from the browser settings *not accepting cookies*. For the specific settings you can be informed by the manufacturer manual of your browser. You can delete saved cookies files anytime. When you do not use cookies files, it is possible to create malfunctions to our updates.

IP Adresses

We use your IP address to help us realize problems with our server and in order to administer our reservation system. Your IP address id also used to collect general demographic information, which we use to analyze the visitation of the website and to create reports. Finally, your IP address can be used to help us confirm that your are indeed the person that you state to be.

Special Relations

The website can be refereed to or be in contact with other websites that might not be part of it. We would encourage you to visit the pages of Terms of use of these websites, where you may be asked to type again your personal information or purchase products or services.


We use Google Analytics services to analyze tends and statistics about the use of this website by visitors, of mobile apps and social media and the procedures that have been done through this website. For more info follow the link of Ad words Policy.

With Who We Share Your Data

None of our visitors personal details that are collected by us is not sublet, sold or showed to any other legal or physical person or company for any reason. We confirm that the information that you type while visiting our website are kept safe.

Period of Upholding Data

Your personal details are held from our company for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which they have been collected. The sign in information are held up to the date in which our contract ends or the date that the person requires their detail deleted.

Your Detail Rights

You can ask us to delete the details that belong to you as well as diverse some of them if needed. Details that we need to keep fro managing and legal purposes as well as safety reasons are not included. You have the right to ask a file with your personal details that will be sent to you immediately.


The website has taken safety measures to protect the loss, bad use or change of information provided by you. We have taken every possible measure to prohibit non approved access to the data of our server.

External links

The website may in some cases include links to other websites. The website do not have any responsibility to the privacy policy or content of any other website

Choice of Refusing Any Further Contact

Company provides any user with the opportunity to refuse further receiptance of information or communication with us, moreover, to change details that may have been provided in the past or delete these details from our data base. This can be done by contacting us and informing us of the actions that every visitor wishes.

Communication details

If you have any inquire about the privacy policy of the reservation system or its use by you, please contact us for further details.

Address: Sivota, Igoumenitsa
Phone Number: +30 6972055861
Email: [email protected]

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