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Villa Milena - Χάρτης Ηπείρου Σύβοτα

The harmonic coupling between Ionian Sea’s blue and hill’s green that amphitheatrically embraces the villa leaves no one unmoved. Villa will mesmerize you from the first time you’ll arrive here.

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Villa Milena - Σύβοτα

Swimming in Acherontas River

Swimming in Acherontas River isn’t a usual dive, but a dive to the past of the ancient world, a dive to the end of earthly life according to ancient Greeks.
The river was underworld’s gates, where god Hermes was bringing souls in order to led by Charon – with route price in the mouth – to Acherousia Lake and then to bowels of earth to Hades, where Pluto and Persephone reigned.
The river follows a route of 64 km and crosses three regions of Epirus. Its main springs are located at villages Vouvopotamos and Glyki. River’s journey ends at Ammoudia village in Preveza, where you can find one of the best beaches around the area.
The most famous and higher traffic part of Acherontas is at Glyki, where metal bridge between Preveza and Thesprotia ends. Tourists from both Greece and abroad visit this place during summer. River at this place is shallow, clean and so cold that you wonder if you still have feet or miss them.

Gushing water is so clean that you can see everything. Walking to Souli Mountains along the canyon, water becomes deeper and warmer at some places. Riverside are mainly sandy and surrounded by dense vegetation. There, you can relax, go sunbathing and let both your body and spirit wander in fairytale wildlife. Near the metallic bridge, at the riverside there are taverns while in summer months, you can enjoy rafting and horse riding into the water. A dive through Acherontas River is an unforgettable experience that is never enough, you want to do it again and again.

Monuments – Antiquities – Museums

It’s not only Sivota’s naval battle or “souls’ journey” to Acherontas that testify the place’s long history, but also excavation findings that rank Thesprotia in most important centers of antiquity.

Today you can see archaeological treasures at Archeological Museum of Igoumenitsa or visit theater of ancient Gitana, archaeological site of Doliani in Parapotamos and Post-Byzantine Ray Tower in Ragio Thesrotia. Dymokastro or Elinokastro, a coastal fortified settlement of 4th century BC, south of Karavostaso bay, has great historical interest too.

You can also visit Folklore Museum of Igoumenitsa and the village Finiki Filiates. There you have the chance to understand the hard everyday life of people in old times in Thesprotia as well as customs and traditions of the past.

Villa Milena - Σύβοτα

Cultural Events

Since Spring interesting music and dance events, concerts and festivals happen around Villa Milena. In July there is a festival in Plataria dedicated to Saint Paraskevi, where image from the Homonymous chapel is transferred by boat to Plataria village.

In Igoumenitsa town, throughout summertime, various events take place such as theatrical performances at outdoor theater located at a small grove of the town. Fish festival takes place in Sagiada, while in Acheron Springs there are several events on fifteen of August.

You only have to book Villa Milena and adapt your excursion, tour and entertainment program, according to your needs.

Religion Tourism

Countless picturesque chapels are «perched» on the rocks of the area as religion is obvious in the area. Very close to Villa Milena, just opposite to the other cape of Plataria there is Saint Paraskevi’s chapel.

In Igoumenitsa, the central church dedicated to Holy Mary, ensures panoramic view from its location at the town’s beach. Big Church in Paramythia has great historical value, as it dates back to 14th century BC.

Among monasteries, the one that stand out for its location is Giromeri Monastery in province of Filiates. If you visit the region, it worths worship legendary Monastery of Agios Minas, “The Meteor of Epirus” in Kokkino Lithari.





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